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Thursday, December 24, 2009

ipage hosting

Today, I came upon and I couldn't help but notice the ipage hosting that they have introduced. It's quite new to me. Anyway, for those who also do not know what it is all about, here are a few tid bits gathered from my readings. Technically, it is a customer-centric hosting company that has taken "Easy-to-Use" or "User-friendly" to a new height. With a snap, from the "getting started wizard", a tool which guides users in setting up email and publishing a site, to the quality web builder that offers lots of customizable templates , thus, getting a website has never been easier.. They offer unlimited space, bandwidth and a free domain, which is becoming the standard for web hosts. However, iPage proves to be cut among the rest with its robust but simple control panel that is a bit more versatile than cPanel and better integrated with iPages support and educational offerings. They also offers malware and spam scanning, business verification and an online security certificate as part of its hosting plans.

Cant' get that from other companies.. Anyway, aside all those mentioned above, their customer websites are eco-friendly because iPage is powered by 100% wind energy. WOW! And of course, they're also one of the few hosts qualified to offer $50 in Google Adword credits (most have a max of $25).

So far, rates them highly, although it is newer to them. Accordingly, they are not new to the hosting industry, which is they have been ranked 3rd.

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