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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Electronic Cigarettes

Have you ever tried using an e-cigarette? Well, I have read that using an electronic cigarette is much better that the real one because every electronic cigar that is used does not contribute to pollution and poor health.

Let's face it, the real thing does too much harm to people and the environment. The photo above actually allows any smoker to smoke the healthier way with an electronic cigarette starter kit. With it, one is able to smoke indoors, outdoors, in the park, the restaurant, the office, anywhere because it looks like a traditional cigarette but has No tar, no carcinogens. It is safe because it does not contribute to second hand smoke. And I guess, it will be very economical as no lighter or ashtray needed to use it...

There are four common brands that I have read about and they are Gamucci, Smoking Everywhere, Veppo and SS Choice No 7.. I think there are others but my readings have allowed me to meet those four only so they are the only ones mentioned here.

Now, if you are not ready for the E-cigarettes, Disposable Electronic Cigarettes can be handy for you. It is equivalent to 1-2 packs of cigarettes and uses the same atomizers as the regular Electronic Cigarette, without the accessories of course. It comes fully charged but it is non-refillable because it is disposable... And guess what? For as little as $19, you can actually try the product before you buy. Cool..

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