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Saturday, December 12, 2009

home lighting

I am not so keen with regards to home lighting. But one thing is for sure, home lighting helps much in setting the mood in every room in the house. Take for example a cute dimmer in the bedroom. Let's say fro example, that which looks like stars and moon for the kids... Or take something in their favorite cartoon character... That helps them sleep better without fear of the dark...

Lighting varies as with how it will be used. Take for example reading lamps. One will need something sturdy. A clear light that will not flicker nor lose its translucent luminescence while it is being used. And of course, for couples, who could resist a pink glow in the dark, lol.. Seriously, I always wondered why pink light glowing in a dark room is much more romantic than all other hues... Hmm, I guess that is just me.. Anyway, if you are in need of lighting, visit the site where I saw a very unique lamp that tickles my fancy. That is, and below is the lamp I am dying to have...

Lovely isn't it? Well, that is what I wish to get this Christmas... Santa???? Hope you are listening, lol...

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