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Friday, December 18, 2009

Much Ado About Gold...

My mom always said that gold is a very good investment. In fact, she encourages us to buy gold jewelries, whether we would like to wear them or not. Her point is that gold does not depreciate like all other investments. Other people buy gold coin or even buy gold bullion because of the same reasons. However, to buy bullion or to purchase gold bullion, to be exact, is quite a skill and mastery is required.

See, if you simply buy without ever knowing where to get the best deals, then there may be some problems to encounter later on. Gold bullion should only be bought where one can be assured of its true value, and not land into fakes and such..

As for me, I guess I have started with the gold jewelry, though I don't wear them for fear of being robbed even in broad daylight.

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