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Friday, July 01, 2011

Party People, Need a Party Registry?

It's summer in other parts of the world. And with summer comes the all nighter's partying.. Students may have sleepovers and some in house parties, while others, I am sure will go some place else.. If one is looking for nightclubs in NYC, the best thing to do is look into the party registry in every locality.. I think I read somewhere that NYC nightclubs as well as Boston nightclubs, and especially top Chicago nightclubs are listed in this party registry site.. I have yet to find out what that site is to relay to you my dear readers...

I think it is a good idea to have to look for a party place in just one sitting, regardless where you are in the world. That way, even if you have not reached your destination, you have already made the right itinerary and plans on how to go about your travels.. If ever you are in a rush and in need to treat friends and relatives to a cozy night place or a hip trendy bar, I am sure it would be nice to compare as many choices before finally deciding where to head to.. This way is also economical as you are able to budget time and money, especially if you take care of the ride and the tab..

Let's face it, it is better to come prepared that not know what to expect in a place, especially if that will be your first time to try it, both the place as well as the over all experience... so instead of just asking your friends, who may not have enough time and information, it is actually very practical to have a party registry.. In other countries, party registries also allow for online bookings and itineraries.. That sounds cool, right?


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