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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Pad..

We have finally found the pad to move into.. Although we are still waiting for the current occupants to move out, we were already done seeing the place.. It was okay. Lili and I could best thrive in it even if the space is kinda small because it has everything that we would need. Plus, it is near her school, so we get to save on time and energy every morning everyday.. Perhaps, she can also enroll in dance and ballet, as she wants to, because by then, we would not worry about commuting and being home after practice to be able to study for the next day's tests.. Being near the school and the city is indeed a great advantage for kids and adults alike..

I also checked the bathroom as well as the undermount kitchen sink and I am so happy that it does fit my needs. I can wash dishes the way I want to plus, like all the undermount kitchen sinks that I have used previously, I can also use it doubly to hand wash clothes.. By the way, that sink is not a Mr. Direct sink, but I think it will do fine.. In the future though, when I build my home, I will surely get a Mr. Direct sink in all kitchen and lavatories.. Why? Because Mr. Direct sinks are good.. Not only aesthetically but also with its use.. It's durable and safe, even for kids.. Plus it takes a long time because you could think of replacing it.. How I knew? The last house I lived in has Mr. Direct sinks.. 

The comfort room is also good. Small, but it's okay.. Over all, I think spending P 4500 a month for that is not at all a bad idea..


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