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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lighting Love

I wish to buy one of the many pendant light fixtures sold Graphics.. They also have lovely designs for kitchen light fixtures. I particularly love that kitchen pendant lighting that a customer bought. The staff was so good with his presentation and demo that the buyer didn't refuse, albeit the short time the demo took. I even want to buy the product despite the fact that I was just an onlooker during the said demo.. Well, I have had my eyes locked on the lighting fixtures, I think I fell in love with all of them the moment we stepped inside the store..

Hmm.. When I have my own house one day, I would love for it to have a grand chandelier right at the entrance, then another great looking lighting fixture at the parlor.. Perhaps, another one by the dining hall, as well as atop the dining table.. Of course, I would have to make up a reason why I should place a unique lighting fixture in every nook and cranny, lol.. My goodness, I think I would have to prepare a huge bill for that, lol..

Kidding aside, I would really love to have a house that's bright. Sure there would be soft tone lighting, but they would be at the bedroom, when needed.. But that's just me.. hehehe..


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