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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweetness and Women

In keeping healthy worthwhile relationships with women, whether its a mother-daughter, father-daughter or sibling relations, and even boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife relationship, or even just plain friendships, there's always a degree of sweetness that is needed to keep the relationship going. Usually, with women, sweetness is already as easy as a free flowing river. Usually--- but not all the time. See, there are also reasons why a person, even women themselves, lose the sweet touch. In the case of puberty, menopause and even during those quirky and annoying days every month.. women lose the sweetness due to hormones, and the physiological changes that may cause it too. But then, if the person on the other end of the relationship understand such temporary state, then it's okay. Sisters or brothers may be the ones to try and be sweet or say sweet things to this woman sibling who may be in the rot, husbands may show a little more patience and understanding add with humor and sweetness too. Parents may be well adjusted already to their daughter, and may readily understand. But, if you are the boyfriend of this woman who is not in the mood to be sweet, then by all means, find some or try to learn some sweet things to say to your girlfriend, and you'll see how the mood may be changed by it.. But if all else do not work, sometimes it is best to keep a little distance until the sweetness comes back.. or whatever is necessary because women, after all, are different..


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