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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


closed sign Pictures, Images and Photos
A friend of mine closed shop effective May 28, 2010. Her's was just a small business that caused her so much financial distress. I guess with her as a sole provider for her family, it was really very difficult. She wanted to save the business but all she could ever do was take a loan and take a loan and take a loan. That's it. Until all loans have piled up and she could no longer take another loan to help the business with. At whatever angle, I see that the problem is caused by her husband's lack of financial capability to keep the family and provide for the family. Sometimes she would vent out her frustrations and I pity her for having to deal with so much financial distress. And to think that her eldest is going to school only at a public school, where tuition is not at all a burden for a regular government employee that she is. I would presume that she will be burdened and troubled financially if her money goes to the proper education of children or for other noteworthy causes. And it makes me sad because I see that she is no longer happy nor contented with her husband's lack of concern. He would always smile as if nothing is wrong, and do nothing to alleviate their situation. Often times we would talk and she would say that she is downright unhappy. But she can not do anything because her kids are still very young. She wanted to go abroad to work or find something better to do, but that would mean giving up her job which is their only means to survive. 

The way I look at it, it's a wrong choice and a wrong partnership. My friend is the hardworking, goal oriented type of person who has lost her identity when she married her husband. Sad, but true. The last time we talked, she told me they will be separated physically as it is their only option. He  and their youngest, will tend a small farm while she and her eldest will stay here in CDO. I worry a lot for her, but I also believe she can make it. Well, she has always been a strong woman. It's just that I can not imagine the things that are happening to her and her family, all because her husband is too slow at making decisions and lacks initiative to drive his family forward.. 

It should not have happened.. whew.  Closed, no longer in business. That's all she managed to say. I told her that maybe it is not yet time for her to shine in the business arena. Maybe she should work on her promotion as she is not an ordinary woman. She simply giggled..At least she can still laugh or giggle her problems out---


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