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Monday, June 21, 2010

By My Father's Example...

This is Kiping. This is a paper thin delicacy that you can buy where kakanin is sold.  Technically, this is made of Cassava but some make their Kiping using Corn flour. The manang who sells her kakanin in our neighborhood sold this to my father yesterday, Father's Day.. And my father came inside during lunch holding with him huge Kiping and we asked him where he got them, which, even without asking, we already know the answer. 

Wherever we lived, be it in the old neighborhood or here, Tatay is known to be very helpful to others. Helpful to the point that some of them, abuse his kindness. For 34 years that I have lived seeing my father's kindnesses to people, and I have seen how simple helping others is to him. Just like the manang who sold the Kiping you see, Tatay would often think of the person's condition and without asking more than what he needs to know, he will buy items sold to him to help the person selling them. Sometimes we laugh because we do not always eat what was bought and my mother would often complain. But before they could argue, my father would always tell her that at least none of us get to spend time peddling or vending just to make a living.  Then we would laugh as how the discussion would move on to the manang's burnt skin, which was caused by her daily routine--and my sister would talk about her favorite whitening soap or beauty regimen. Then my father would emphasize that we are lucky, thus we have to help those who are not as lucky as we are. Tatay always said that it does not have to be money that is the basis of how we can help. Nor are we obliged to give them more than what we can afford, but he tells us that not having so much is still so much for others really have nothing. So in our own little ways, we can still help. 

The manang also passes by the Orange house and from time to time we buy kakanin from her. She was luckier when my refrigerator was not murdered by the rotational brown out yet, but now, I only buy enough for the day.  No more cold kutsinta, darn! When I see that her basket is already half empty, I am glad that she does not have to carry a heavier basket anymore while going around the village. I am happy that Tatay has instilled kindness in us. But I guess what Tatay has not successfully instilled in me is his example of forgiveness. Day by day, I pray to be forgiving and more understanding of others, especially those who have hurt, wronged and abused the kindness I have shown. Oh but I know I will get there, as I strive to live by my father's example.. 
Tatay, I thank you for always being patient, loving and kind.. I am so proud you are my father, and Lili's father-figure and grandfather..

If only all fathers are like him..tsk tsk tsk..  But of course, we are lucky, my siblings and I as well as Lili---  with my father's kindness to others, we have benefited much.. 


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