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Friday, June 18, 2010

Beating the Odds: A Must Read

Beating the Odds is a new book by Renato S. Velasco and Ricardo L. Saludo. Technically, it is a book written about how the Arroyo government was run, and how the former president of the Philippines dealt with all the problems and challenges that faced her administration. An analytical book and perhaps a good venue for us to really see whether she was after all a good leader or not..

Each chapter tackles each of the challenges that the  Arroyo administration faced,  and provides a detailed summary about how each challenge or problem was given a rightful solution or action. For example, Chapter 1 was about "TERROR", the war on  terrorism was not only an issue or a challenge for the Philippines, but all the other countries as well.  But we were heavily affected by it. Affecting, not only Filipinos in the country, but also those OFWs who work abroad. Chapter 2 focused more on "PEACE" or should we say, the peace process all over the country. Chapter 3 angled on the problems on "DRUGS", while Chapter 4 talked about the deadly epidemic, "SARS". Chapter 5 was about "OAKWOOD". Remember Oakwood Mutiny and its aftermath? Well, who wouldn't? And lastly, Chapter 6 explains how the administration dealt with "BUDGET". All these and more if you read the book.

What I am specially curious about is how the Mindanao Peace Process is explained in the book. I am from Mindanao, and therefore, that part of the book I will have to verify whether its true or not. So many books are written for the purpose of making some untruthful events and circumstances become true by simple twists of facts, while some truths are made to look untruthful in the same manner.  That is why we should not believe everything we read. Books of this nature, we must always read and verify. When you read something, it does not necessarily mean that you believe in it, but mainly, you read them because you want to gather facts. To say that the book is truthful or not is your decision, coupled with rationalization and the determination to seek the truth behind what was written.

About the part of the budget, well, we all know that from the start, and even from the administrations before the former president's term, the country was already known to be budget deficit. But as to how the country moved in this regard, we shall know some facts from the book. That is, if we consider them as facts..

This book will soon be available at Powerbooks, Fullybooked and  the National Bookstore. So make sure you get a copy, okay..


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