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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A new dinning room furniture is what we need. Yes, you read it right! Ours have served us for more than a decade already. It's made of Palo China, and it used to look great. Now, it simply looks awful.. What with the wear and tear that it had gone through over the years. And this year, it will simply accept its retirement like it is meant to rest for good. The decision was unanimous. The need is magnanimous... And the people desiring the change is more than willing to look for a replacement. Yes, you read it right again. We are still in the process of looking for the right furniture to replace the old. You see, we, as a family, are careful about what we take in and take out. Material or people deserve long term relationships.. So that explains why my father still keeps the old pick up though it is now parked in my garage here at the orange house. Why we keep friendships and special people close. We simply can not and do not throw away good relationships... And if our belongings could talk, they would agree with everything that I have written here.. Perhaps it's nostalgia. Perhaps it's respect. Perhaps, it's giving back the very meaningful service each has rendered, that with persons. But with each piece of furniture, perhaps it's the thought that without anyone of them, our lives would have been difficult... Ah.. They do not breathe, nor talk nor feel.. After all, they are non living things.. But still, we give them credit for what their purpose have done with each our lives.. Believe me.. This post will never be enough to explain everything...

I am just glad that we will soon have a new dining room furniture...

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