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Saturday, January 09, 2010

3 hours 56 minutes

At dawn today, Ed and I spent 3 hours and 56 minutes on YM call.. We had to stop at 4:57 am since we were both sleepy... It's nice to talk and not know how much time passes as you go along with conversations... I am happy that he and his wife are finally talking things out. I have tried to convince him that he should save his marriage above all things.. And maybe, they should not pursue the annulment, though it was already in court... I feel for their children, who are young and innocent about the goings on of their family life... And the risk of almost having it fall apart...

As his loyal friend, I would be more than happy to see that his children will still have a mother and a father intact.. That their family will still be together. See, that's where me and the monster differ.. A woman just have to set aside her happiness if it means saving and serving a lot more people than herself... And the good part of it all, Ed and I have managed to retain our friendship, and his family's respect for me... After telling them what I feel and think, his mom and his sister have become good friends too.. So now, everything is smooth and straight.. Life is totally amazing..

1 comment:

grace said...

I am happy for youd arl.. truly you're such a wonderful person... in due time you will reap the good things you have sown.

Kabalo sa sa nameserver sa blogger? I search the net..wala man i.