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Saturday, January 23, 2010


This was taken two days ago, after the fire that hit the vehicle you see on the photo was put off by the fire brigade and some residents of Villa Nena Subdivision Phase 2, of Barangay Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City...

The owner of this said vehicle is the home owners' association president and the space you see is not his, but the area covered as recreational area which also included the basketball court and darts lounge..


Children were playing with PICOLO and eventually, after lighting the said firecracker threw the still burning matchstick to some garbage mound near the vehicle and eventually burned it..

Points to ponder:

Who should be blamed for this incident?
  • the boys-- under 18 so that makes them MINORS?

  • the boys' parents? guardians?

  • the homeowners association president, for parking his vehicle there? (It should have been parked in his property, don't you think so?)

  • the school? It happened at around school time, 2:30-3:40 pm

Hmm.. This minor misdemeanor by the boys will clearly root in them some trauma, shame and may even cause them to develop low self esteem later on, if and when this issue is not addressed properly.. or this may lead to some other mishaps in the future...

Ahh.. the enlarged photo from my distance to the scene.. I was standing outside my gate here at the orange house.. And I thought the sirens were for robbers caught stealing in broad daylight.. Darn! I was busy doing my blogs and tasks when this happened and when I heard unusual noises outside, I locked the doors, as my imagination was already running wild.. Silly me

Anyway, I hope we get some lesson from this..

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