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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need A Tutor?

Liza left me a private message over plurk that her son needs Math Help and no amount of Online Tutoring can help him. Another good friend of mine, Feona, asked me for Algebra Help and Algebra Tutoring for her son Bastie and would like someone from Honeysweet. Ah.. Math and Algebra.. Many mothers really find it difficult to see their kids having difficulty in these two subjects... I feel for them...

With Feona's problem, I can readily help but Liza's had me searching and researching, lol.. Of course, how can someone from Honeysweet go to her when she is oceans away, lol.. So the good friend that I am, consulted Mr. Google and he led me to the website of Guaranteach..

Guaranteach is by far the best online tutoring solution that I have found.
I like how they emphasize the tutoring for less clause. So parents can stop paying tutors and learning centers by the hour. Hmmm, not a good idea for Honeysweet, lol.. But then again, Guaranteach stands firmly that for just $9.95 anyone can get UNLIMITED math tutoring for an entire month, at their website... I guess that is a good idea, especially for Liza.. The best thing is that anyone can open a trial account before deciding to enroll in a month-long program..

Hmm.. That is one good idea there.. I like it! So guys, if you are in need of tutors, why not visit their site today.. That's enjoy!!!

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