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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Filipinos All Over..

I never thought that a Tagalog Mass can take place outside the Philippines, but I heard one while I was in Singapore, and it was really nice..
During my visit in Singapore, I was amazed at the fact that churches there already celebrate Tagalog Masses for Filipinos. I guess that is the reason why a lot of Filipinos go there. The feeling that in a more progressive country like Singapore, there is room for a Filipino.. That feeling of acceptance is truly something that can positively reinforce the growing yearning of every Pinoy who wishes to work and live there.. 
And why not? Filipinos who go there and become part of the workforce are exceedingly more productive. Filipinos can communicate well, and can actually adapt to whatever environment he or she is placed into.  It is a good thing that religion is respected and openly accepted as per tribal group or culture and tradition in Singapore. Unlike here in the Philippines that some fanatics claim they are the only ones who can be saved and call themselves as the only "Christians", as they compare themselves and discriminate those other Christians who belong to a different denomination. 
I took the above photo after the mass, when everyone else was outside communicating with most parishioners.. If I didn't see any Hindi women dressed in their Sari, I would think that I was in the Philippines at that time. A lot of Filipinos who drop by Singapore may have taken a payday advance to spend on a shopping spree during his or her holiday. But one thing is certain--- that when he or she will work there, he or she, need not apply in loans, as the salary can allow for a better life. That was what I have observed while in Singapore. Of course, that was what I mostly hear from the people I came to know in that parish. Before the year ends, my other sister and I shall be in Singapore once again. I can't wait to visit this parish again.   


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1 comment:

jolyn said...

We Filipinos are too reLigious and a lot of Filipinos are immigrant and workers in different countries. Expect more dear ^,^