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Saturday, June 25, 2011

After the Storm...

I feel for the victims of the tornado that hit yesterday. In just a span of three minutes, everything that the people built in years, got destroyed in just a snap of their fingers.. Even if they will take on payday loans, it won't be enough to cover the damages. I think it will take years to rebuild what the tornado has destroyed. Perhaps if we are simply talking about tuition or a simple home improvement project, then payday loans no credit check can be easy to avail of. Also, the amount would be lesser than what is necessary to rebuild the homes. If people will take on loans to spend for the said rehabilitation, I think paying for the loan will take years because of the high amount needed..

Surely, these happenings can be a wake up call for all of us. That nothing is indeed permanent in this life. That nothing that we have worked so hard to build, can stay as they are--- unchanged by time or nature's fury.. That nature gets back from us what we have taken away from her.. Yes, the storm Falcon is out of the country already, and like all others that came before it, has left many people homeless and worried about their economic and financial standing.. In turn, it makes stress easy to come by. It makes stress the visible enemy of the time. Stress that could evolve into other symptomatic disorders of some sort. And while most of us have a roof upon our heads, warm food to ease hunger, plenty of nutritious food on our table, many are left pining for a safer place to call their own. I feel for our brothers and sisters who need assistance right now.. 


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