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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Tatay!

It's 1:30 in the morning, and it's officially, "Father's Day 2011" in the Philippines. I am not sure if it is the same date in other countries. I know in United Kingdom, my cousins told me that it is not, as they have another date to celebrate Father's Day, just like Mother's Day in UK. Anyway, if I have so much money at this time, I am sure to get my father something that he'd really like. Perhaps a new 4WD truck with a trailer hitch to tag along a trailer for camp outs and the like. But then I don't, so maybe later today, I could pick up something small, and simply greet him a wonderful father's day..

Photo taken inside the elevator at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore 

My father deserves a great day today, as he is one of the best fathers in the world. He is NOT perfect like all the best dads who are NOT perfect too...He's quite irritable now because of age, and sometimes too, has difficulty in hearing from afar that we end up making our voices louder than normal, like shouting already (and he thinks we are shouting and not just making him hear us, lol...). But what I truly appreciate is the fact that he keeps reaching out to me, even at times that I have built a wall to shut everyone out.. especially those who only want to hurt me.  We don't talk much at home, for reasons that I keep to myself, but whenever we are at Lili's and River's school, I get to spend time with him and we talk. I may doubt all other relations, but I could never doubt that I am my father's daughter..because he shows me that he is.. He is NOT perfect, but to me, he is perfect. Being a good father (parent) is not only about being able to educate and provide for material things. It is about building bridges to sustain humanity through love, acceptance and understanding. For that, I am lucky.. I love you Tatay! Happy Father's Day!


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