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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Photo Contest Entry..

I saw this on the website of the chocolate you see in the photo. Currently, they have this photo contest to feature chocolate lovers sharing happiness or expressing happiness by simply enjoying moments eating or sharing the chocolate in the photo. I will not mention the chocolate nor give you links here as I am not promoting anything about the chocolate or about the contest.

What I would like to share here though is the feeling I have while I saw this photo as one of the many contest entries. One can draw lots of conclusion in seeing this photo. As a matter of perspective, a story can even be derived by simply looking at this photo. Two people in their prime age sharing chocolate is something.. They could be lovers, they could be estranged couples who have just made up, they could be brothers and sisters, they could be strangers.. Or, it could be that the man is courting this woman.. we don't really know the truth behind the photo.. We can only guess.. But for me, it speaks positively about sharing happiness.. Look at their faces..

Thanks Ronald Delima, for sharing. I voted for this entry.

1 comment:

rdnofera said...

hi! I stumbled upon your site to see my photo I submitted last year for the Cadbury Moments of Pure Happiness. Thanks for appreciating! :)

The two people in the photo are actually husband and wife in heir prime. That's why the two seem to 'connect'. This was shot in Antipolo that's why it has this rural feel...

Unfortunately my entry did not win but I'm glad you appreciated my work. :)

- Ronald D.