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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


When I first moved here in the Orange house, I was thinking of moving in an apartment in the city instead. Compared to what I would be spending there, I chose to live here, near my parent's house for reasons of practicality. Now, since they do not have any house help, I send Carmz over there to help them out too. And most times, when we have something to share like food or movie DVDs, we go from the orange house to the yellow house. It's such a good idea to be neighbors with your family. We hitch a ride to school for Lili and River are classmates. And of course, there are many more benefits. But what I like most is that I can make sure that my father or mother are okay... But of ocurse, since I am planning to go away again, I am considering apartment living again and again...

Speaking of which, have you ever tried living on Wilmington NC apartments? Well, many people who have done so, often say that it's quite an experience. I wanna try that too. Hehehe.. Well, maybe when I get there. Although, that will have to take awhile, I guess. But, who knows. Time just go by so fast...

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