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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ever since I was able to afford it, I have had the tendency to buy myself a pair of FEEL GOOD SHOES whenever I feel down.. A break up, a frustrating grade, a sad goodbye, an ending, a sour mood, and all other reasons for the purchase. It's always a RED pair that changes my mood. And usually, if it's a RED pair, there is always a story behind it. In fact, every time I see my old pairs, I am able to distinguish the time and the people or the event associated with each pair. Am I crazy or what??.. Not really.. But I often wondered why this is so. Perhaps, it's my way of coping. Ordinary shopping or buying anything else other than a RED pair does not have that effect.

Today however, I purchased my first pair of FEEL GOOD SHOES after a very long time.. I just knew they will make me smile. Technically, I am feeling okay in the last few weeks and still am.. I was no longer tired or exhausted like I usually am since I started my walking and dieting again.. I have no reason to be sad as I am happier than happy. Everything in my life now is in place... Perhaps I just needed affirmation that everything is right on track again.. I love my RED shoes.. so timely, VDAY is two days away...

1 comment:

Kerslyn said...

ang gandang therapy talaga ang shopping sis.hehe. but I think d ko carry ang red shoes though it looks nice when I see others wearing it. Maybe because my choice in shoe color is still, brown, gray. so boring, d ba?LOL