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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want To Visit The Place..

As I shall be starting my journey in a foreign land in the next few days,I am excited and thrilled and at the same time scared and know that I will be missing my Lili in the process. Nevertheless, I try to convince myself, as early as now, that all the sacrifices I will have to endure for her sake as well. In my head and in my heart I shout out that she will never be a doctor, as how she says she wants to be when she grows up if I will not embark on this journey as I am her sole provider. It doesn't really matter how far, for as long as we communicate day in and day out.. Besides, I am sure she will be thrilled as I will be to explore the different experiences that I shall be having.

One time we were browsing blogs together and came upon a post about the Modern Toilet, and she was ecstatic when she saw that people were eating on toilets, toilet seats and drinking from them too.I was amazed that she simply said, "Mommy, you try this one out and if you like it there, take me there when I get there too".. Such wise words.. Meaning, all of the things that I shall be experiencing, if I like it, she will want to experience them as well.


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1 comment:

zoan said...

i can still remember my first time to go out of the country. i was scared and happy. az in, the feeling is very overwhelming yet you need to be strong :)