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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day..

I thank DepEd for NOT hiring me the previous school year, and hiring someone else despite the fact that it was I who ranked first in the teacher's ranking.. Anyway, previous to that, when I first had myself ranked and landed on the 3rd rank, the experience as a substitute teacher made me realize that PUBLIC School teaching is NOT for me.. Salamat sa "Wrongking", I am still the same old me, dedicated and a happy teacher who do not make money out of my student's pockets, who do not just go to school because I need to earn a living to survive, who is still eager to share what I feel is best shared...In other words, February 2, to April 2 stint was not able to change me as it had others who have long been longing to be with the Dep Ed..  I guess it's not my place in the greater scheme of things--  In other words, I am made for some greater purpose.. but still in the same vocation.. I love to teach..

Right now, as a College Instructor, I am more fulfilled and happier because of the fact that I am getting through my students who are mostly working students, in all the positivity that I try to share. With a bit of maturity and some determination to survive, I feel they are all ears when we talk about life matters, unlike high school students. Of course, the developmental tasks of each level is different, and with that I am more satisfied. See, if we want the world to become a better place, I think it's best to influence those who are young enough to eagerly learn from you, and old enough to decide to follow the good that you imbibe to them. Of course I am not perfect, and in matters of improvement, I am open to learning from them too.

All I am sure of is that, when these students of mine marry, and raise kids, I am so sure they will remember me and our subject discussions.. hehehe

Happy Teacher's Day to all of us educators..™ | Click here For More Scraps


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1 comment:

zoan said...

I miss to make a post about this one. As a student i should appreciate my teachers well, because if there are no teachers, we will not be who we are today :)