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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Need to Combat Gaining Weight and COVID 19 Pandemic

I am finally back in the Philippines after almost 4 years stay in Myanmar. Would have been exactly 4 years come May 17, but sadly, I have to come home for reasons that you may already know.  Well, last year, during the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, I already wanted to come home, but, we were protected in a way that our mode of teaching changed, from face to face to online, so we can stay at home and be safe. I guess  lot of you can relate to that, because all over the world, we fought and still continue to fight the monstrosity of COVID 19.  But the very reason why I am home is not only of COVID 19, but because of what transpired last February 1, 2021. When a military junta took over  in ruling the country after arresting all the winners of the election held last year. And because it was a landslide win, the people who supported the winners of the election took to the streets and protested, which eventually lead to bloody dispersals and daily deaths of young and old. All people from all walks of life, professionals, workers, students and even children protested. No offices functioned because all employees joined the protests. Banks, hospitals, facilities, the only open ones during COVID related lockdowns have closed. Imagine, we didn't have electricity bill since February because no one is doing the job anymore. It was scary because no one is also monitoring COVID 19 anymore. You don't know who is affected, everyone you meet can now be considered a PUM. All the more my anxiety grew. 

Anyway, here is a video of our repatriation flight and our quarantine facility where we are now housed upon arrival. Our government is very strict when it comes to people getting into the country because right now, there is growth in numbers again. So we have to be quarantined for everyone's safety, then we'll only be released if our covid test result is negative.

Pardon my big face. Gosh, I am so fat, aren't I? I blame COVID 19 for this. How about you? Have you not gained weight during this terrible time? Did you or anyone you know also gained weight during the lockdowns? If not, how did you stay in shape?

As for me, it was quite a challenge. Before the pandemic I weighed 180 lbs. It was already a struggle. But at that time, I have managed to keep fit because face to face classes make me move a lot; going up and down the stairs to go from one classroom to another. So I was fine. Unfortunately, in March2020, just after my birthday, every plans of the school for trips and get togethers were called off, and summer classes were done online. Then there was the lockdowns. We were told to stock on food good for a month, and I bought 2 months worth of food because I didn't want to go out anymore.. After 3 weeks, I weighed myself and I found that I gained 10 lbs. Living alone during the pandemic does that to a stress eater that I was.  It went on for months. And every time I weigh there's added numbers. Then I was afraid to weigh myself. When I reached 226 lbs., I was more than alarmed so I tried using a weight loss calculator to help me. I lost some weight and was happy at 205 lbs. as of December 2020, before the Christmas break.  But during the Christmas week, another lockdown was declared. So how to cope on a holiday away from your family, with everything that went on in the country so far away from yours? Eat... I gained again. At 223.4 last January 11, a friend and I started using Fastic, an app we downloaded from playstore,  to hep us manage our weight. So we did fasting, keto diet and low carb diet altogether along with the Calories Burned Calculator which we found online. 

As of February 1, I found myself stress eating again. No one is monitoring the covid situation in Myanmar, plus the military could come up our building and shoot anyone they suspect to be a protester or if anyone is suspected to support or hide protesters. It's double the worry, and double the anxiety. My ideal weight is 110 lbs., and although I have set that as my ultimate goal, I was working it slowly, but I am now stuck at 215 lbs., for more than 2 months now. 

So I decided to come home. Here, I could be facing the covid problems of my community, as well as economic uncertainty, but I will be with my family. I have a support system here that I never had while in Myanmar. Plus, there is no military to worry about, and although I feel worried and scared for the lives of my friends in Myanmar, I still feel better knowing that I am home in my own country. I can help them better if I am alive and healthy.  And to start losing weight again, I have requested no rice in all my meals here in our quarantine facility, as I am now back to the work on my weight loss journey. I think this time I need to include the use of a calculator for counting macronutrients to help me estimate macronutrient consumption in all meals too. Now, since gym facilities are closed at this time, going through YouTube for work out videos is a must. It's not only diet that needs looking into, but the right exercises as well. Wish me luck!

Here is a workout video that I try to do while in quarantine.

This was me in 2014. I was 230.4 lbs. in September of 2013, when I got sick. But I managed to lose weight that by February 2014, I was at 176 lbs. and although I gained weight over the years, and became 180 lbs. thereafter, I was able to keep it from going up by following a strict diet and lots of movement activities that helps me sweat even when I don't intentionally exercise. 

It was only during the pandemic lockdowns that I kind of lost it again. So yeah, coming back home will be an advantage. Gaining weight and covid 19 are my problems now, but will be better faced when I will be with my family around me, than when I was far away. 

How about you? Do you have the same problem too? Do share. Please comment below.

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