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Monday, April 26, 2021

Coping with Stress during the Pandemic

How do you cope with stress in this time of the pandemic, as you keep your self safe by staying at home? Most people would do a lot of things like watch movies, eat, cook, bake, or do exercises. As for me, I alternately do cooking, baking and gaming or playing online games.

One of the games that I like to play is The TribeZ. It's actually a game for kids, but ever since its launching, I have downloaded and played it, expanded my tribe as I play and finish every task. But sometimes I get tired of it so I have other games to play like Clash of Clans and some games through the app, ClipClaps. Every time I feel bored, I find other games to play and I  continue to explore different apps, and download games, or visit different gaming sites to find new games or familiar games that may be new but are actually similar to most of the games I played in my childhood and growing up.

One time, I went to  a gaming site that has many different online games in one page, and I was really ecstatic to find my favourite games on Play.Org. I was very happy to have found my way there because whenever I get bored and visit the site, I can easily play the different online games, and I can choose many games that are quite easy to handle, using only the mouse or the arrows on the keyboard, and not necessarily use a joystick.

I like the Brick Out game because it is the similar to my favourite Online Game, Paddle Pop or the Arcade Game,  Atari Pong. 

Another game I like in this online games website is Pac Rat, which is a cousin of the Pac Man game that I grew up playing.

However, I find it very challenging to move the arrows on the keyboard, so I prefer the Brick Out more for it only uses the mouse to play. It works the same way with other games, but it is more convenient because you do not need to download it. You can immediately play whenever you are online. This is how I cope with stress during this pandemic, having stayed hoe for a very long time, since last year's outbreak. 

The most relaxing of all is the restaurant simulation game that is similar to Diner Dash.

My niece and daughter loved playing as soon as I shared the game with them. Sharing this wonderful game site with my family sure works wonders. Now everyone has something to keep them busy and not worry so much about COVID 19.

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