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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Women and Diamonds

Diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend. Do you ever wonder why they say that? My take on that is this: diamonds are precious and a woman loves to be considered precious by those she shares a relationship with. So when one gives her a gift of diamonds then she takes it that she is as precious, as valuable as the diamond she receives. Would she prefer a diamond set in jewelry or a loose one? You may then begin to wonder: what do you mean by a loose diamond?
Loose diamonds are quite simply diamonds which are not yet set in jewelry.  You may then ask: why would women want that? Well, when you think about it, when a woman receives a loose diamond, you also grant her freedom. Yes, you are giving her freedom to choose as to how she wants that diamond to be set as jewelry. You are giving her the choice with what kind of metal she wants to use it with. Moreover, you are granting her the choice of design she wants with her diamond and choice of metal. Isn’t that neat? Giving a woman a loose diamond is like telling her that she is valuable and that you also believe in her capacity to choose, in letting her enjoy freedom. She can then proceed with her loose diamond to her favorite jewelry maker to design it for her.

Now you may wonder what size of diamonds would please a woman best. Will she appreciate a gift of loose diamonds rather big in size? Does it mean that the bigger it is the better you value her? Women may disagree at this point. Some women would prefer a small size; these women are not the flashy types. They love their diamonds but they would not care what others think. If others notice their diamond, fine but if not, that’s also well and good. Some women, however, would love to show to the world that yes, they have diamonds. They enjoy having it and they love sharing, showing their joy to others.

What should you consider in buying loose diamonds? Jewelry makers would tell you to take note of the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs to consider in buying loose diamonds are” cut, color, clarity and carat. These are the four aspects of grading a diamond and this will let you determine the quality of the diamond and yes, its price.

Now to zero in on the cut of a diamond, have you considered getting trillion cut diamonds? Trillion cut diamonds are often used along with a larger piece of diamond in a ring but that is simply well, kind of conventional. I bet women who are artistic and non-traditional would choose trillion cut diamonds as a center stone for her ring or jewelry. Even women you may think as traditional may surprise you with how differently they would treat their jewelry or more specifically their diamonds.  

So what’s it going to be? For the brave, artistic woman of today, grant her a gift of loose diamonds. When you do, you will reap much gratitude and I would say, much love in return.

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