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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Debt Consolidation Loans in the Philippines

I have been looking into Debt Consolidation for quite sometime now. Not that it concerns me directly as of the moment, but I know that by my entry into DepEd in the next few months, it should be a known fact for me to prepare. Honestly, I have not enrolled in any loans before. I did have credit card bills in the past, but it's different when one takes on a loan. My cousin who works at DepEd in Camiguin told me that teachers incur loans for some important aspects like building a house, tuition for their kids, for a car, and all other necessities. In times of distress, employed individuals take on payday loans, while business people and entrepreneurs take on business loans. It's an aspect of life that's just part of the challenges people face in order to survive or beat competitors. Anyway, in my desire to know more about loans, I enrolled myself at Lenddo.Com.Ph, a website where users can get low-interest loans and financial tips. Below is an introductory slide I have found at SlideShare:

Lenddo from Lenddo

What I am most interested in is more knowledge in debt consolidation loans. I know that when we take on small loans, and there are too many of them for us to monitor, it will make our lives miserable going through every inch for a chance to meet their due date and pay the loans on time. I haven't heard of  fast cash loan Philippines until I opened a Lenddo account. It is truly a great source of information apart from proving loans to its members. 

Here is a screenshot of my Lenddo profile page, click the image to go to my account:

And here's a testimonial that I also found at SlideShare..

Lenddo Testimonials from Lenddo

If you wish to join, do leave me a comment so I can send you a Lenddo invite..

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Lulu said...

i think that debt consolidation can help you in managing your debts. it may help you lower interest. this is a great information for those who have more than 1 loans and credit card debts.


Teacher's money, even others in DepEd have lots of loans.. even myself.. hehehe

Poray said...

my father who was an administrator before he retired from deped had loans everywhere he can get was to finance his kids' school took him a long time before he was able to pay off the loans but he eventually did, a little payment at a time..this article would have been a great help for him had this been made years ago..

Sunshinelene said...

this is an interesting piece of loan information, mommy. I just filed a loan lately for very important purposes and somehow it is worth the two years interest. ^^

i heard that some agencies are open to give loans to teachers that at times my mom wishes she is a teacher.


How I wish they will open their loan program to bloggers as well. Hope they will have a program for us. :)