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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sendong Monthsary Today..

We have started cleaning the apartment yesterday, continued clean up this morning and tomorrow we are going to officially move in to a new place-- me, my sister and Lili, but not my parents and siblings.  Although, we are going with them to the house where they will be moving at 4 in the morning. My father says he is not feeling safe in the new apartment, and not comfortable too. For awhile I thought that moving to a bigger space is the solution, but not!  And I do understand why he wants to move to his own property. After two months of being "displaced", a term we usually coined with those who are living "not in their own home", is true to some extent in my father's perspective. Since moving here in the pad, we have not been comfortable with the lessor's attitude. Well, they always have the right to do things according to their rules. That's always the downside when one is renting. And my parents have not been renting for quite a long while. So two months may just be enough for them to live in an uncomfortable set up. 

Anyway, they are moving to a family property in Opol. My father says, he will feel comfortable there because he owns the place. No rules of another person outside the family to follow. Not that we are fond of breaking rules, it's just that some people, especially the eccentric ones, impose rules that are way too much to even understand. But the said move for them is of course just temporary, while waiting for the unit that they have recently applied for in a small community in Gran Europa. Well, the necessary requirements have already been met, but some concerns regarding paperwork and such have taken quite a while.  Anyhow, as soon as they're done, then they will be moving there again. 

I guess you could say that home can never be home unless you will feel comfortable about living in that particular space. As for me and my sister, we'll do the challenge this time, in a more complicated, hopefully rewarding manner. So before the month ends, we shall be divided again, and shall part ways. Hoping for better horizons and a brighter, fruitful, happier future.


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