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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cake Journey in Butuan City

I have finally visited Margie's in Butuan City.. I was there last week until Sunday, and I was actually in cake heaven. Not only Margie's but the other cake shops as well. Call it, the cake journey in Butuan City, lol. Well, what good is having a sweet tooth when you do not explore the sweetest possibilities, right? So from Margie's, I was able to taste the Margie's Cookie Monster Cake, as well as the Margie's Sans Rival----
Apart from this, we also got to taste Margie's Thai Rice, I forgot the name, which is actually my cousin's favorite. I love Margie's... The place is really nice. Cozy, intimate and the staff are well trained. They are even very nice and most importantly, they are polite. Of course, the food makes them all stand out. I swear, I will go back to Margie's when I go back to Butuan.. hmm.. Until next trip!

The next day, we decided to go to St. Joseph Cathedral, and attend the first Friday mass. Soon after, we headed to Red Apple. The food at Red Apple in Butuan City had always been commendable. I have often tasted treats from them because my aunt usually buys pasalubong from them. But that day we dropped by, was my first time to dine there. The staff were NOT nice. I didn't like how they answer questions, while the cashier was too nosy.  

Anyhow, I liked Red Apple Casava Pie and the Red Apple Sacher Torte that we ordered. Unfortunately, I find their drinks too expensive. Imagine, that sakto size for P 18?

Anyway, since food is nice at Red Apple, I could actually NOT stop patronizing them. But since service is bad, and the staff are not that friendly, I will not go back to dine there again. Maybe just buy some food, take it home and that's it. The ambiance there is not that good too. It's pricey, but it's not at all worth the price. It is just like a fastfood center only, the servers at Red Apple are  not cautious of how they treat their guests. So instead of me ordering a birthday cake for my cousin, I did not. Which is actually good because I would not be able to discover Baker's Joy.

Baker's Joy in Butuan City is probably second to Margie's. At least if I will rank all three cake shops in Butuan City. At nine in the morning of the 4th, we went to Baker's Joy in M. Calo Street and the moment we entered the place, I loved all the delicious aromas coming from their kitchen. And the cake display is full, and fresh. Upon seeing two of my favorites, we immediately ordered Baker's Joy Nelusco Cake and Baker's Joy Brazo de Mercedes. It was a heavenly morning for me and my sister. Sweet breakfast, if I may add. Then my sister said we should try their brownie, and it was a delight. 

For my cousin, we bought her Baker's Joy Double Chocolate Cake. It was amazingly perfect. Chocolate goodness that is not too sweet nor overpowering. What's even more delightful is the fact that the cakes and pastries at Baker's Joy are not expensive at all. Oh, and the staff at Baker's Joy are wonderful. They were courteous and helpful. I wish Red Apple would follow suit and train their staff similar to Margie's and Baker's Joy.. 

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