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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Thank You Global Pinoy Awards

I have heard about the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards and quite frankly, I am thrilled about it.  Thank You Global Pinoy (TYGP) is a way of extending the Thank You Day campaign to Overseas Filipinos, a way to thank them for the sacrifices and hard work that they do and continue to do for their families and for the country.  

So if you wanna join the Thank You Global Pinoy Campaign, the first thing you bear in mind is that you have someone to thank today! Thank someone today! 

The ambassador of gratitude, Toblerone, wants to encourage all Filipinos to remember the wonderful people who have helped them in their lives. So, tell us who they are and where they live. A video of them shall be made, as we welcome them upon arrival at the airport with a Toblerone Thank You Present (Toblerone Thank You chocolate bouquet) and a special message from you. 

Send your entry to and post it to the comments page of this blog post. There shall be 10 Balikbayan winners and one of them may just be your friend, family or loved one. You can thank your OF family member arriving/coming home between November to December 20, 2011 – and we shall be there with you to give him/her your “Thank You” Bouquet (chocolate bouquet provided by Toblerone) as s/he arrives in the airport. Just send a thank you note and we will choose (1 winner per blog - total of 10 blogs) winners by Nov. 14. 

Delivery of Thank You Bouquet: November 4 to December 20, 2011 

Entry should include the ff: 

For Balikbayan Winners: 

Name of entrant 
Name of nominee 
Email address 
Arrival date (with complete flight schedule of arrival)

So what are you waiting for?

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-yogi143- said...

I wanted to eat tobleron! hahaha... I love chocolates... hmmmp, this entry is interesting! thank you for this and I'll share this entry with my other online friends...thank you.

Mel_Cole said...

I like toblerone and I wish I could go home in that timeframe so I could have a chance to win and be greeted. hehehe...will pass this along with my friends too.