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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Breather..

One of the things I plan to do this December is to travel somewhere where I have not yet been to. My aunt and her family are going to Leyte, my grandma's place of birth, and we sure would like to join them at this invitation. Traveling allows me to think and unwind. It will also allow me to relax. Although I sometimes get relaxation by playing online games and bingo from online bingo sites, still I find that traveling at another place is a good excuse to stand up and walk away from my online life, temporarily. But the, with my laptop with me, who needs that excuse, hahaha.. I can work and play at the same time, anywhere, anytime. That's perhaps the beauty of this online life.

An old friend of mine buzzed me the other night, at Facebook, and asked me where I am in the world now. I wonder why she thought I have left the country. True, I have traveled, but it was a temporary thing. I love traveling. She also asked me where I am connected and I told her I work online. And guess what... She got interested as well. She must have taken some interest when I mentioned that with online work, you can be anywhere and still get to do your job. Like when I was in Singapore, I did the shopping, touring and food sampling in the morning or evenings when I am not busy doing my online tasks. It was amazing because I have covered quite a lot and I have enjoyed such breather. I am looking forward to the next one. Ahh, I am hoping that the next vacation will be another one that I shall not forget.. A nationwide tour is nice, as I know we have lots of beautiful places here, but international trips are welcome too. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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