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Friday, May 27, 2011


Should you wait for your kids to be sent to alcohol rehab treatment centers or join the Alcoholics Anonymous? A lot of children, even at a very early age of thirteen or twelve, already know how to smoke and drink. Some even go off their limits to explore what they should not explore and end up becoming teen age mothers or teen age fathers.. And why are these things happening? Surely, these are not of their choosing.. It's safe to say that they just made bad decisions, made friends with those who have influenced them badly, or negatively.. But is it really something to blame others for? Is it something that parents should not be blamed for as well? Or the community where these kids belong to?

Blaming is not a good thing. And before anything worse could happen, it is everyone's duty to direct kids into the path of positivity.. The path where they can grow and learn.. Perhaps, direct them in such way that they will not feel being imposed to embrace something that is yet alien to them. And most importantly, since they are yet in the learning phase, guide them, and NOT criticize and judge them according to the norms that one has embraced.. Perhaps many of us can be guilty about this.. You see, it is not only children who feel the need to compromise if not to submit at times.. But when things go out of hand, instead of compromising or submitting, kids begin to do what they were told not to do, to rebel and even get even with those who hurt them.. And when that happens, can we blame anyone else? Surely, grown-ups leave a mark, a distinct mark on every child we meet.. They are after all empty slates that get shaped by their experience, as much as the persons they have met along the way.. Some made them great, others broke their spirits that they grow up broken and helpless, yet in defense, act as if they can destroy anything in the world.. And to survive, they just have to what they think can help them--- regardless of how good or bad that is.. 


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