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Friday, January 28, 2011

PR 2 is BACK! Yahoo!

I was busy writing about a client's advertisement on shoes womens, and shoes for men, which will be sent to three media when I discovered a great change that had me jumping for  joy.. Well, almost, hehehe. My client is building his site for his shoe company somewhere and I am just so happy to be of service, since I love shoes.. But this love for shoes technically, was forgotten for a couple of minutes as I floated into bliss. Of course, I am busy, but learning that the PR or page rank of this blog has come back, it's a different story.  I no longer have time to check important matters such as PR. ow I knew mine went up again was a matter of chance. I was checking my client's site's PR and well, it got good results too. Then out of the blue, I checked mine, and voila! It came back.. Imagine, this blog lost its page rank for almost a year.. It was middle of January 2010-- and I thought it will come back again after a few days, but it didn't. So I let go of the possibility of it coming back in the middle of the year. Actually, I checked from time to time, but, it really went down to ZERO-- none! To avoid heartbreaks from expecting its return, I simply chose to forget about the PR of this blog-- and now? Well, I am so happy it's back to PR 2.. whew.. Thank you LORD!

For us bloggers, page rank means a lot.. just so you know.. 


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