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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bingo is Yet Another Life-saver

Have you recently thought of any activity that could give you a good break from monotonous routine? We have pondered through our years on various activities. To work upon, few would have been acted upon and others would have been just lying somewhere idle in our brains. But, bingo is one of those games that once you feel good about it, there is no turning back.

Recently I had an incident involving bingo. I was quite bored to death at home, the chores were done and I was lying on my bed mulling over what to do next. Out of the blue, I thought it’s been a long time I saw myself in any online bingo site. I listened to my peeps, how they have hit the jackpot after a long time and I fancied to win it as well. So here I am taking a dip in the online bingo world. I admired one site called GameVillage Bingo for not only it’s welcome bonus but also the uniqueness. Here are the things that made me like GameVillage Bingo.

Welcome Bonus

GameVillage Bingo gives a huge welcome bonus of 400% on first deposit and guess what? Your first deposit could be just £5! That’s what I call a sweet deal. On top, newbies get a free spin on Spin the Wheel, it’s a fortune wheel with guaranteed prizes that could be won. Surprise, surprise, they even offer 200% on 2nd Deposit bonus and 300% Deposit Bonus on 3rd Deposit. Along with these deposits you choose best bonus offer, it could be either bonus bingo tickets or bonus slot spins. Plus watch out for the various re-deposit bonus specials through out this month.


They provide 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo games with their own version. They have a concept of Hotball in Village Inn (75 ball bingo), click on this website link to know more. These hotballs have progressive jackpots and the 90 ball bingo room has supertickets which lets you win more than the prize money, you even the prize of the supertickets. They have also added 80 ball bingo room, which is easy to play and win too.

Music and Forum

Music is my life and Bingo Radio of GameVillage Bingo has just makes everyone’s day. Tune in for non-stop music and you also get to win prizes every Friday night. If you like socialising, GameVillage Bingo Forum is your call then. All players gather along here and discusses everything under the sun.

Folks, this is what I love about playing bingo, you meet new people and you get to know them better too. Playing bingo has definitely been my life saver when I needed a break form other things.


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