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Saturday, November 08, 2014

A New Addiction..

We are having a unique OUTREACH Project at our school. It is a livelihood program that we have chunked up to different categories and activities for our Grade 9 students' parents, siblings or guardians. One particular activity is the Soap Making activity which will be on Saturday.

In preparation of the said activity, I had been studying videos and everything else to relearn.. Take note, RE-Learn. hahaha.. Well, I have studied Soap Making through the Alternative Learning Systems ages ago, and not practicing what we have studied somehow makes me a rusty nail. With this new journey though, I feel more empowered because there are so many additions and updates already. What I love is the fact that I am loving it again. Watching the videos makes me addicted to the soap making activity itself. If not for the absence of lye when I went to the store I bought them from years ago, I could already have my first batch by this hour.

By the way, the video I am sharing here is really inspiring. I love these Amish women with their all natural sense. I think I wanna try Marsha's recipe and use them at home. I remember, the soaps I did before were used for laundry and they were good. My father teased me before that I was to open my soap company then. Now I am starting to think things through and maybe I should.. Afterall, I have already fallen in love with it again. 


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