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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beauty Comes in ALL Sizes

A friend of mine showed me her takes on her Scouting Camera, and I saw how lovely the images were. Stunning beauties in all shapes and sizes-- all leaders.. Reminds me of what I posted in Facebook a few days ago.. 

The only downside of being fat is that you get a lot of sicknesses--- I speak from experience.. but just because you are FAT does NOT Mean you can't be BEAUTIFUL.. All Persons are BEAUTIFUL.. It just takes a positive person to see it. Persons who were once fat, and didn't like themselves because they felt ugly then, continue to shout to the world that FAT people are ugly.. In truth, even with a new body, when a person still feels fat, he or she still feels ugly because that is how they see themselves.. That is why they HATE seeing or being with a FAT person with SELF ESTEEM intact, and BRAVE enough to STAND, and SPEAK HIS/HER MIND.. 

This new advocacy may be geared at helping people lose weight, but rest assured that however you look, and however you feel about yourself is not what we shall be focussing on. We are NOT here to make you feel bad about being fat, rather, we are here to help you become healthier.. HEALTH is our FOCUS.. It becomes a bonus for all of us to feel good as we lose the weight.. Whatever the result, and with a new body, you will still be the same BEAUTIFUL you.. only HEALTHIER after the program

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