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Friday, May 24, 2013

Throw a Children’s Birthday Party – And Don’t Lose Your Mind

When your little one is still little enough to let you take the reins and throw him or her a wonderful birthday party with games, decorations, sweets and lots of friends, it can be easy to get lost in the details and end up going, well, a little crazy. Personalised invitations and party favors that the kids can’t wait to play with are just a few ways to make your child’s celebration one for ages; here are some tips for making it fabulous and free from stress.

Be Accommodating
Unfortunately, people forget to RSVP and then might show up and drop off their kids anyway. Keep your cool, by first making it easy to let you know in the first place. Since even senior citizens are texting with ease these days, let the other parents know on the invitations that they can shoot you a text or an email if it’s most convenient for them. Then, even though you haven’t heard from five parents, plan for those kids being there anyway. Worst-case scenario, they don’t show up and your child can take their goody bags to them at school.

Enlist Help
You might have attempted these shindigs all on your own in the past, but this time, enlist help from your spouse, friends or relatives, both in planning and on the actual day. Your parents, in-laws or closest pals will probably be more than happy to lend a hand, provided you ask well in advance, whether it’s giving Grandma some great gift ideas and some cash and having her do the present shopping or asking your best friend to help plant clues around the backyard for a scavenger hunt.

Put a Price on It
Is there anything you wouldn’t do to see your little one’s face light up on his or her birthday? Hopefully, going into serious debt is one. Set a budget and stick to it, because nothing will kill your enjoyment of the day like dread for the upcoming credit card bill.

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