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Friday, March 22, 2013

Earn more rewards-

Why does is seem that some people can get so much out of their rewards program, while the rest struggle to collect any type of rewards for a long period of time? Often, it has to do with how you use your rewards program. There are different types of rewards programs out there. Some will allow you to get immediate discount upon presentation, while others encourage you to collect points on goods and services which you can then redeem for something that you want. If you are using a points based reward program, here are some ways that you can boost your earning power. 

Use it where you shop: The best way to earn rewards is to use the program a lot. If for example you have a card for a place that you do not frequent a lot, it is quite obvious that you will be unable to collect that many points. Make sure it is convenient for you to get there; if it’s a hassle you are less likely to do it. 

Earn rewards on credit cards: Many rewards programs are now partnered up with credit cards. This is very convenient to the customer. You can use your credit card pretty much anywhere you shop, therefore significantly increasing your chances of earning rewards. Try to use this card exclusively, even if you have your debit card or cash on hand-just remember to pay it off in full at the end of the month. You will be surprised how quickly your points will add up. 

Look for points or rewards days: Many places will offer special days for their rewards program customer. On these days you can often earn a lot of points for the same purchases that you usually buy. It makes sense to try to make the most out of those days, as the points accumulated can be significant. Additionally, many establishments have special days where you can get more bang for your rewards program buck if you redeem at a certain time. 

Have fun: Earning rewards should be a lot of fun. So makes sure to start with a goal in mind. Whether big or small make sure to reward yourself once you get to your goal. It is best to not wait years for this gratification, as you may lose your focus. It is wonderful to see all your work result in something tangible in the end.

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