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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Out Of Here..

Our city is cramped on work and school days. On weekends, the streets also become very busy with all the cars going to and fro, east or west, it just doesn't make any difference. Sometimes, with all the traffic and the noise, I dream of living, at least for a while at any of the cabins found at where nature is all in its simple yet glorious state. At least with the abundance of greens, and the rugged yet none intimidating location, I could move away from the noise or the traffic or the smokers who kill you inch by inch with their bad habits. 

Ah, but we have so much of that same scenery here in the country. Places far from the city, they are actually many of them which have been developed for that purpose-- to preserve mother nature's beauty, and make its visitors appreciate life more. In fact, I am planning to go to this place in Bukidnon, sometime in the summer, I hope. And not just in Bukidnon, but other parts of the country too. Though it's quite sad that some places here in the country have been stricken by floods and all other natural calamities, I hope the ones left will still be able to showcase nature's glory for the years to come.  

Anyway, I know there will be more and more places to be discovered. I hope I can be able to see them all when I get out of here. I mean, when my feet will lead me to someplace else in the future. I know for a fact that I can not stay long here. I will go somewhere, because I know it is what living is about. Moving forward, and onward, including moving places and meeting new people. I may stay here longer, but sooner or later, I shall move away, move back, and move away again. Yes this place is home, but maybe in the future, another place will be home too.

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