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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Blogs

I have less time to update my blogs now that I am working full time during day time. I used to sleep at four to five in the morning, but now, that is already my waking time. My life right now is far too different from what I used to have. I guess you could say it is a roll-a-bout, or a complete three hundred eighty degrees turn. And although I am quite stressed out from all the stresses that I am facing, still, I am thankful for I can still do what I love to do during my spare time.  Unfortunately, I have less time that I used to, nevertheless, it's still a blessing for me. I am happy that I can still make updates once in a while, and still express my thoughts about things, as they happen, when I am able to blog about them. I miss my blogs--- writing and reading them, and the other favorite blogs that I follow. 

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