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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Accomodations Within The Budget

Has anyone tried reservations online for accommodations anywhere in the country and abroad? I once tried booking a reservation online, and I really saved a lot of money doing so. It was during my trip to Davao City, last year, when I joined the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010. Then I read about iBilik Philippines. I looked at the different reservations on the list, and somehow I have now another option as well as another idea where to have online reservations, the next time I travel where I will need accommodations. But of course, if we go to places where we have close relatives, it will not be necessary. 

I have also learned that we can actually make a business out of room rentals, as there are now many homes which offer home rentals or room rentals, and they prove to be very helpful for budget travelers. No need to rent an apartment for really long periods of time because there are cheap room rentals on a daily basis. Cool idea, isn't it? And with this I wonder if there'd be people who would be interested to have their homes rented, or offer their extra rooms for such business.

If our house hasn't been included under TS Sendong property damages, I could also include it in the list. Who knows, someone may just be interested in it. After TS Sendong, we realize how beneficial and lucrative the home rental business is. Imagine, our previous apartment takes P 3,700 from us monthly, and the pad is just small with only one room and not so comfortable living space. In this new apartment, the owner took P 16,000 for deposits and down payment, plus all other deposits like maintenance deposit and the like. Apart from that, she will get P 4,800 monthly from me. Sure the apartment is better than the previous one, with two rooms and a bigger living space. But still, it is not as comfortable as we imagine a house to be. But then hey, we all sure can make a compromise. I think when traveling on a budget, we also can do the same.


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