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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Business for Extra Income

My cousin asked me last Saturday about business, and what good business options we have. She said that a teacher came by their bank for a loan and the teacher was also into business. The teacher said that business has helped their family so much, and not just her career as a teacher. Well, that is so true. These days, even if teachers' salaries have improved, still it is not enough to help the family financially. Some would still venture into business and take on loans in the process. True enough, business is a very good option to be financially free. But business alone may be difficult at first. That is why it is still a good idea to have both a regular job and a business to match. 

If I were to go into business, I would choose that which I am inclined with. A business that entails "happy" efforts on my part, and not that which I will find dragging and boring. In the movie, 3 Idiots, it was emphasized that if we make our passion our profession, then we shall all be very happy. And that is so true. We become effective persons in our careers, whether it's rack card printing that we do, and we do it best because we love doing it, then we shall become successful in it. If a gardener is a happy gardener, then surely he will produce the best products that are surely to hit the market.

I keep telling my students that too. But they most often say that if their families will starve because of their passion, then never mind the passion. Success will eventually follow, that is what it means. But then, we can never really tell people what we think and then expect that they will follow. People have minds of their own. And FREEDOM too. So yeah, it is good to go into a business or two. But not all people will think it is so. 

As to me and my cousin, well, we are still thinking of a good business for extra income.. 


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