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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anything to be beautiful..

A lot of people tend to judge others by looks, and by whatever physical asset that can be seen, heard or touched that may somehow compliment ones looks. I guess that is also the reason why most people, even if they do not have money anymore, would still splurge on the unnecessary stuff. Well, they may be unimportant for some of us, but for them, they are important. Like, a guy or gal who has not finished college but has lots of money, no skill, no talent, not good looking and no star quality appeal, would always opt to buy expensive stuff for himself or herself. Fill his or her body with expensive jewelries and wear signature items. That is because the said expensive stuff would make him feel better about herself, or himself. Some would even opt for plastic surgery plano services to remove or enhance whatever is necessary. All in the name of beauty.. Everything to be beautiful.. But then, if some people are like that, I think others also do other ways to be beautiful. Exercise, diet, and all others. Whatever may work, that shall be done. But still, there are others, who need not do anything because they feel that life is enough and they are contented and happy as they are, as their lives are lived... 

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway. No matter how you work to make someone like your physical asset, if they are not into you, they will never be into you. Just as people will never appreciate whatever asset you have if you do not mean anything to them. Still, there are others who will appreciate and stand by you when they have something that they can get from you. But once they no longer find you useful, they will disappear like smoke.. That is quite sad, but it happens to so many people.. 

I believe that when one is happy, he or she will look and feel beautiful.. That's the kind of beauty that transcends and is never expensive.. for  happiness is not found in material wealth, nor in the physical. It is within each one of us.. And when one is happy, it shows.. It makes people do more good things that all the more makes people more beautiful.. 


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