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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My spiritual adviser and friend, V, suggested that aside from the Novena to the Holy Spirit, I also do the Novena to the Holy Family, since my fight involves MY FAMILY-- Me, Lili and Lili's dad. Hmmm... what's with all these novenas?

The answer is simple. They are prayer guides and tools based on a religious figure or saint in the catholic faith. But the purpose and meaning is greater than one could ever imagine. They are the means of one's sacrifices, in the sense that the novenas have to be done for a period of days, accompanied by faith and effort in going to the place of worship undisturbed by one's busy thoughts and itineraries. And sometimes, like my case, I go to the PEA an hour before it closes. It could be a burden to some since I live miles away. But having accomplished one set of novena, gives me a lighter feeling about the very things that happen in my day to day struggles. It gives me the peace of mind in spite of the chaos that is glaring and shouting out to me for attention and immediate reaction. Having done my novenas, I take my storms with a calm that soothes my spirit and rekindles a relationship between me and my God and a relationship between me and my soul.

I suggest that if you guys are having doubts over something, no matter how serious or light the matter is, do a will work wonders for you and your situation... promise.

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