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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Beautiful Flowers

This morning, we went to buy garden soil, and I am really glad I went withTr Grace because I saw so many beautiful flowers that reminded me of my grandmother, Lola Viating.
The soil we bought was priced higher than the usual, and the lady manning the garden supplies and plant shed told us that her soil comes from Bangkok. It was kinda odd to hear that because nothing can come or go internationally, with the pandemic still around. Maybe what she meant was the soil is better than our previous purchase. He he he Miscommunication always happens here due to a language barrier.
Anyway, the trip was worth it because I saw so many flowers that reminds me of so many things, of different people who I dearly miss. It even reminded me of our small rooftop garden back home. There were also flowers that I have not seen before. Like this multicolored baby chilies. 
And there were those we wanted to buy but they were really expensive. So I just took photos. The lady didn't mind.
Aren't they lovely?