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Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to Cope with Frustrating Acne

In spite of their best efforts, many people suffer from acne for many years. Acne can be triggered by many factors, including environment, hormones, stress, and diet. Many people try multiple products with little to no success. And, tragically, many people suffer from the anguish of acne for many years of their lives. Fortunately, there have been advances in the technology and knowledge of fighting acne. People no longer have to simply suffer from this common and unpleasant complaint. While it may not be easy, with determination and some know-how, anyone can minimize their acne or stop it outright.

First, look at your diet. One of the most common and yet overlooked acne triggers is dairy. It's still unclear why dairy can cause so much damage to someone's skin. Not everyone is irritated by dairy, but it is probably the most frequently cited cause. Other culprits might be meats, caffeine, or some nuts. An elimination diet can pinpoint your problem, but the safe bet is to try dropping dairy first.

Next, consider adding new products to your acne-fighting regimen. Most people are familiar with salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that helps speed up cell turnover, and benzoyl peroxide, which stops bacteria from causing acne. Used correctly, these two ingredients are the cornerstones of acne treatment. However, if these aren't working, you may want to try a sulfur acne lotion, like one from Dermesse. This sulfur lotion works incredibly fast to dry up existing blemishes, sometimes overnight. By drying up blemishes quickly, people can minimize the potential for scarring and further skin damage. 

Finally, don't be afraid to consult a professional if your acne is out of control of if you just don't feel like fighting alone anymore. Many people suffer for years until they see a doctor. If you're shy about going to the doctor, there are even online dermatology services that can provide a prescription without ever meeting a doctor in person. Your over-the-counter products can work in conjunction with any prescriptions, under the eye of a professional. And your doctor can provide you options that you can't get elsewhere.

There's no need to go through life with the discomfort and annoyance of chronic acne. By changing your diet, trying new products, or even seeing a professional, you can take charge of this problem. Your stubborn acne doesn't stand a chance against you!

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