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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Save the Thresher Sharks

How important is our natural environment to you? How important is every stone, grass, weed, sand or water form to you? How important are the trees and the animals that roam the forests as well as the oceans and all its glory? One might respond with a smirk or a sigh to these questions, and just the same, others may just give a non-reactive glance, or simply shrug their shoulders. On the other hand, there are actually a few good men and women who still think something must be done to address situations, issues and concerns regarding the environment, wildlife and our oceans, as well as those that dwell in them.

I came across this petition at, where the goal is to have 10,000 supporters who will petition the protection of thresher sharks. It may sound a bit odd that they are trying to protect and save the predators of the ocean, but something tells me there is a better explanation for this. For a better perspective on the existence of the said predators of the sea, I have found this very informative information at SlideShare. Here is the link. As for me, I signed the petition, and being the 5350th petitioner/supporter, I am excited to share with you why we have signed up. There is also another petition at Thunderclap, and I joined it too. Here is the link, should you decide to join us..

All beings are important because all of us play a significant part in the world. Animals also have this purpose in mind. If we go back to lessons taught in grade-school, ecosystem and the roles of each individual or beings, animal, plant or mineral play in each other's existence, then we'd realize the value of each being, whether it is a predator or the victim. Furthermore, it is my understanding that all of us play these two significant roles, to different beings around us. In the ocean scene, small fishes are preyed upon and are used as food for the bigger fishes.. And the cycle goes on and on for as long as there are smaller fishes and larger ones. Each has a purpose.

On the contrary, the slaughter of the Thresher Sharks for man's selfish intentions to gain more profit is just so perverse and utterly unjust. I hope you all can join us in this cause. Be one of the 10,000 petition signatories, and make a difference, on or before September 21 to support the proposal for the thresher shark to be listed on Appendix II of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) at their Conference of Parties (CoP), and shall be given the necessary protection from illegal fishing.

The thresher sharks may be known for its role in the ocean, but truly, if its existence wanes, surely, everything else gets affected. Imagine a world where they wont exist anymore? Do you like it it? Sharks are actually very important as they serve to regulate the fish population in our oceans by removing the sick or weak fishes. They also serve to make sure stingrays do not over populate, as stingrays decimates shellfish population, thus regulating an ecosystem nutrient balance. Sharks also regulate seals population, thereby protecting fish populations in the smaller organism levels. See, everything that sharks represent is balance, and not just the negative stories we hear about shark attacks and everything else. Of course, just like all other species, sharks protect their kind when harmed. Unfortunately for them, human poachers are far more deadly than how sharks are portrayed. But why are there poachers? They exist because traders buy from them shark meat and parts such as shark liver, fins and all others for obvious reasons --- money. And where these products go entails more profit as customers willingly pay high amounts to enjoy such treats.

At some point, I myself am guilty, because there was a time in my life where I have eaten Shark Fin Soup and Shark Fin Dumplings at one of the Chinese restaurants in China Town, when we visited.. A bit pricey but tastes good. And there was also a time when I used Squalene, remember the product? That product that promises liberation from dry skin and is a good moisturizer that comes from Shark Liver.. I was young, carefree and uninformed then. But with all the information we have now, all the reasons and causes and most especially all the harm that using these products mean, that shall, in one way or another, backfire to us humans, there is a need for us to really get involved in just causes to save what is left of the Thresher Sharks. They are also one of the country's treasures that need to be protected from international poachers. The illegal export for shark meat, and parts are still rampant in the black market. And because of its high value, many are still tempted to slaughter them. If we don't act now, I do not know if our grandchildren will still have a chance to see them. 

Let us move hand in hand as we say YES to the Thresher Sharks..  Let us protect them, just as we would protect every dog, cat or bird. The Thresher Shark deserves to live too. 

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