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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Chinese New Year Preps

We just celebrated Chinese New Year at our business place. It is more of a ritual than a celebration, and we all had to wear red clothes, from outer wear to undergarments. Shoes and accesories included. It was a fun experience that we all didn't feel it was time to go home afterwards. But of course, we had to sleep afterwards for rest for the next day's activities. It was stressful, nevertheless, we aced the ritual and all its requirements. So what were they? The requirements, they are actually very easy. We just had to prepare RED and ROUND food and things like round chocolates, red table cloth, cotton, water, rice, salt, two kinds of oranges, citrus fruit and round sweet food to go with everything, plus coins. Oh and red clothes to wear. If you are looking for some red intimate stuff, click here for lingerie..hahaha.. That was our partner's problem before the ritual. White was the next option. Subscribe to JUST THE TIP OF AN ICEBERG Check Related Links: