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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Modern Casseroles & Coffee Makers

There have been many advances in modern cookware – just when you think you've seen it all, someone will invent a new cooking device that makes standards like trusty casseroles feel like old news. The reality is that if you are a typical cook and the primary person responsible for daily meal preparation in your home, time-saving devices are a must but anything gimmicky is really not helpful. Many of the fancy specialty appliances take so much time to set up and clean that they really don’t save any time at all.

The one exception is the single serve or on demand coffee maker. No doubt you make coffee every day and it can be a hassle – the scooping and measuring of coffee, the flimsy filters and the messy coffee grounds are just the beginning; brewing a whole pot often means there is leftover coffee plus it’s easy to forget and let it sit on the warming tray too long, only to face disastrous results.

With an on demand coffee maker you brew one cup at a time; the coffee brews directly into a cup, mug or glass so there is no coffee pot to clean and no warming tray to scorch the coffee. The coffee comes in individually sealed coffee packets so you no longer need to scoop or measure coffee or deal with messy coffee grounds.To brew coffee you simply place your cup under the brewing port, select a coffee insert and press a button – in under a minute you have a fresh, hot and flavorful cup of coffee with no cleanup required.
On demand pod or disc coffee makers look like conventional electric drop coffee makers and take up the same or less counter space; they require access to an electrical outlet.


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