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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Healthy Cat, Happy Cat

As I'm sure many pet owners realize  a healthy cat is a happy cat. Like all animals, cats get their essentials nutrients and sustenance from their food. So ensuring that your cat has a good diet is key to their health. Cats, given the chance, are greedy creatures. So it is important to take into account not only the nutritional value of their food, but the amount they are fed. If you give a cat the opportunity to eat dry food throughout the day, and varied amounts of wet food each day there is a high chance that the cat will put on weight. Much like humans, cats that are overweight are usually at a higher risk of developing heart conditions, which could prove costly in the long term.

One way you can improve your cat’s health is by buying the Hill's Feline brand of cat food. There are a variety of products available from this brand to suit the different needs of each individual cat. For example, the Hills Science Plan Cat Food is available for kittens as well as adult and senior cats. This product is suitable for cats with no dietary restriction. It has a rich taste that your cat won't be able to resist, as well as being full of minerals and nutrients to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Another of the Hill's range is the Prescription Diet Cat Food. As cats get older, certain systems within their body begin to worsen. Some cats have gastro-intestinal issues, whilst some have cardiac issues. These cats are left with specific needs, certain minerals become more important for the body. With the Prescription range you can tailor your cat’s diet so that it can attain the specific nutrients it needs from its food.

If you would rather feed your cat with all natural nutrients, rather than giving them food which contains preservatives and added colouring, Hill's have a product for you. Their Natures Best cat food is brimming with naturally occurring antioxidants, which are essential in keeping the immune system healthy. This product is completely organic and provides your cat with a well-rounded, balanced diet.

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